Our Story

In today’s high-tech and high-placed world, almost every industry is being upgraded due to mostly to accessibility through modern web apps and mobile application. The recruitment industry has yet to see that upgrade. Hiring process while gone digital still remains stuck in centuries old way of relying on resumes to screen candidates. Screening for candidates and deciding who to bring in is still cumbersome, time intensive and has an extremely low ROI leading to many bad candidates coming through the doors leading to time wasted and engagement issues with the people responsible for hiring.While working in corporate America I realized finding a job or recruiting talent is still a difficult and painful for both the employer and employee. Finding a job in itself has become a full time job! As a job seeker, you have two choices. You can either reach out to folks in your network or machine gun your resume to multiple sites and hope to land one solid offer. 

Employers are concerned about finding the right applicants, and employees are concerned about showing their personal skills, experiences and academic backgrounds. The problem is the selection and hiring process, while digital, still remains stuck in the centuries-old way of relying on resumes to screen candidates. Resumes are job focused and initial screening is still largely dependent on keyword matches. Without real innovation in the screening process, precious time is wasted on the wrong candidates and the right candidates are passed over because of seemingly inadequate resumes.

I decided to make the selection and hiring process fun, and easy-to-use by supplementing traditional resumes with an elevator pitch in a Snapchat-like fashion. Our app eloPitch will connect job seekers with the hiring managers in an innovative way through custom programs. The app allows candidates and employers to create a profile and upload 60-second videos to tell their stories. 

Millennials are accustomed to video technology so it’s only natural for them to utilize the latest innovations to find employment, share their ideas or pitch to raise money. It is the candidates personality, cultural fit, and communication that determines their success in an organization and unfortunately, resumes cannot display these vital elements. Finding a job or selecting the right candidates should be fun and painless. This is why I have decided to build eloPitch. Your next dream job or candidate are only one pitch away.

Ehtasham Ejaz