It is a candidate's personality, cultural fit, and communication that determines their success in an organization.

Problem we are solving:

The problem is the screening and hiring process, while digital still relies on paper resumes, keyword searches, and manual processes. There has not been any real innovation. A resume is job focused and we use that to determine the effectiveness of a candidate. Without real innovation in the screening process, precious time is wasted on the wrong candidates and the right candidates are passed over because of seemingly inadequate resumes.

On average, an employer spends 20-30 hours on resume screening, phone screening & interviews per candidate.

It takes on average 42 days to fill one position.

Job seekers spend on average 43 days when finding their next job, and an unemployed person spends 4 hours a day, 5 days a week searching for a job, modifying their resume because each job post has different requirements.

As per CareerBuilder, 20% of companies shared that a bad hire in the last year has cost them a minimum of $50,000.

Are you willing to pay this cost on top of hundreds of wasted hours or would you like to incorporate video resumes in your recruitment strategy?

According to Career Publisher Vault Inc.’s annual employer survey:

89% of employers revealed they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them.

52% of respondents said the primary reason employers would value a video resume is the ability to assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor. 


Make the screening and hiring process fun and exciting by supplementing traditional resumes with an easy to use mobile app. eloPitch is a mobile application that allows candidates and employers to create their own profiles and upload 60-second videos to tell their stories. Each video will have metadata (tags) associated with it to allow it to appear in the correct category and search result when searched for by recruiters.

The idea is to cut down on the back and forth time between a recruiter and a job seeker before a first interview. The job seekers have an opportunity to showcase their personality, communications skills, and creativity upfront, which helps you determine cultural fit much faster.

On the other hand, this video serves as a pre-interview and allows the recruiter to gauge if this person will be a good fit for the position based on a variety of characteristics. The introduction of this 60 second pitch will drastically reduce the amount of time recruiters spend cold calling and emailing candidates.

With elopitch, recruiters connect with the people and not the resumes! Hence, they can find their best candidates in a matter of minutes and save hundreds of hours in screening resumes and initial interviews.

The world of opportunity is just a pitch away! We understand how hard and time taking it is to create a job specific resume. This is why we are offering an easy to use mobile app to make the hiring process fun and exciting.

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